Camera 8.2 RC for Photoshop CS6/CC available

Camera 8.2 RC for Photoshop CC and Photoshop CS6 is now available on Adobe Labs. It is a release candidate version, not the final shipment yet. As I mentioned before, updates to Camera Raw 8 for Photoshop CS6 only include new camera support, lens profile support, and bug fixes. Adobe keeps supporting Photoshop CS6 but

Animate Layer Groups in Photoshop

Animating tutorial today for you, guys. You are probably aware that you can animate in Photoshop and that the Timeline panel in Photoshop reflects your Layers panel so that each layer can be animated independently. You can also animate layer groups, which makes it easier to animate larger composites. Bookmark on Delicious Share on Facebook

Image Slideshow in Photoshop CS6

Have you ever created an image slideshow in Photoshop? Maybe you have. However, Photoshop CS6 brought some changes. Creating slideshows became much easier and faster. There is so much you can do now with Photoshop CS6 when it comes to slideshows that I decided to create a video tutorial to share it with you. I