Pentax 645Z Shooting Tethered Lightroom Plug-in Available

Ricoh, the company behind Pentax, released a plug-in that allows shooting tethered straight from Pentax 645Z into Lightroom. You can now download Pentax Tether Capture plug-in from Ricoh. Link below: Pentax Tether Capture Lightroom plug-in. Bookmark on Delicious Share on Facebook Buzz it Tweet it

Apple stops developing Aperture

Apple announced that it’s stopping development of their Lightroom-equivalent for photographers – Aperture. Apple are introducing Photos application to their next version of Mac OS X, which together with iCloud Photo will enable users to store their images in the iCloud and access them in Photos application from wherever they are. This might be great

Plug-ins for Lightroom released

Adobe teams (Photoshop Camera Raw team and Lightroom team) released pre-production plug-ins for Lightroom. As these are pre-production plug-ins, they are released to Labs. Here are the two plug-ins that are released for Lightroom: Adobe DNG Flat Field plug-in — a tool used to correct an optical phemonenom called shading, also known as “lens cast”.