The Secrets to CS5 #8 – Camera Raw 6 in Photoshop CS5 and Bridge CS5 continued

Hello again. A couple more new features in Camera Raw 6 today. We talked a bit about Camera Raw 6 yesterday and I wanted to add a bit more to it. There are some more improvements to Post-Crop Vignetting: – in the Style menu there is a new Highlight Priority Mode with additional settings for

The Secrets to CS5 #7 – New Adobe Camera Raw 6 in Photoshop CS5 and Bridge CS5

Hello everyone. It is Tuesday and welcome to my blog. Today we will talk about new Adobe Camera Raw 6 in Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Adobe Bridge CS5. Now with CS5 we can enjoy superior quality when converting images while processing raw files nondestructively with Adobe Camera Raw 6 – an industry leading plug-in. Camera

The Secrets to CS5 #6 – Puppet Warp in Photoshop CS5

This time we have another top secret in Photoshop CS5 – Puppet Warp. Another exciting new feature so let’s get to it straight away. Puppet Warp can be used to precisely reposition and warp any image element. It is as simple as dropping a pin into a chosen anchor point and then swinging a raised

The Secrets to CS5 #5 – Mixer Brush and Bristle Tips in Photoshop CS5

Good morning. Today slightly different issue – Mixer Brush and Bristle Tips in Photoshop CS5. The new Mixer Brush lets you define multiple colours on a single tip to paint with colour blends, you can also blend photo’s colours to create an interesting looking painting effect. New Bristle Tips allow you to easily paint with

The Secrets to CS5 #4 – Content-Aware Fill in Photoshop CS5

Hi, today probably the best new feature in Photoshop Cs5 РContent-Aware Fill. An amazing new feature that everyone was waiting for. Try to remove an image element and Content-Aware Fill will replace missing pixels matching lighting and tone so it looks like the deleted content never existed! Content-Aware Fill allows you to  alter photographs

The Secrets to CS5 #3 – New Text Engine in Flash CS5 Professional

Welcome to Day 3 and Secret No.3 – The New Text Engine in Adobe Flash Professional Cs5! The New Text Layout Framework (TLF) in Flash CS5 gives you complete control over your text layout. It also gives you support for multi-lingual, flowable text. Loads of improvements here: including right-to-left text, multiple columns, and countless ways

The Secrets to CS5 #2 – Complex Selections in Photoshop CS5

Welcome to Day2 – Secret Nr.2! ¬†Today Complex Selections in Photoshop CS5. Don’t loose your precious time on creating selections. Don’t feel frustrated trying to make selections usable. At least not any more! Now there is way to make your selections much better and faster with Adobe Photoshop CS5! New Truer Edge selection technology gives