JPEGmini Photoshop Extension Available

The software company behind JPEG mini, Beamr, has made avilable an extension to Adobe Photoshop. JPEGmini is an image compression package, which works in a way that it analyses parts of the image, sectors, and applies different amounts of compression to different sections of the image, accordingly to the content of the image. The creators

Firefox OS rocks!

Technology changes our world. Technology improves our lives. However, at the same time, our lives are becoming more and more complicated and technology sometimes makes us crazy about it. Look at mobile phones and tablets. I remember mobile phones being for us for making phone calls and texting people. But nowadays, mobile phones became more

Cube U30GT2 Tablet vs Samsung Note 10.1

It is time for a battle… battle of tablets… Here we have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, a flagship Android tablet from Samsung and a Chinese maker Cube U30GT2. I’ve done a review of Note 10.1 in the past, you can find it in the post here: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 review. And I recently,

Adobe Creative Cloud update

Adobe added an update to their move to Creative Cloud applications. In a recent announcement, Adobe told us that there won’t be any CS7 applications and that they’re going to focus on Creative Cloud applications, from now on called CC, i.e. Photoshop CC, Dreamweaver CC, etc. Many Adobe applications’ users had lots of questions after