How to Create Multi-Page PDFs in Adobe Bridge

Hello everyone, I think it is time I have revisited one of my most popular videos on YouTube: Create PDF Documents with Adobe Bridge. Now, it’s time to create a new version, isn’t it? Many people have enjoyed this video and have been asking questions about creating PDFs, especially Multi-Page PDFs, in Adobe Bridge CC.

Adobe Bridge 6.2 Available Now

A new version of Adobe Bridge, Bridge CC 6.2, is available now. This new update improves cache management, it also allows for options to manage automatically for optimal performance. Another new feature is on-demand thumbnail generation as the user scrolls through the files folder (by default only the thumbnails for visisble files will be generated).

Adobe Bridge 5.0.2 Now Available

Adobe have just announced a new update to Adobe Bridge – Bridge 5.0.2, which is now available for download. Here are the issues that have been resolved in this version: Bridge could not utilize a temporary directory located anywhere other than the startup drive. A security vulnerability in PostScript file rendition was fixed A

How to change the size of the Thumbnails when importing Images

Welcome, it’s Thursday and yesterday I had fantastic day in the Black Mountains in Wales! I’m going to post some images on Monday, the weather was great and I got some nice shots. 🙂 Let’s talk about importing images. You know when you’re importing images from your memory card, you get the thumbnails of the