Adobe Creative Suite is No More

Adobe have officially pull the plug on Creative Suite.

Up till the first week of this year you could still buy Adobe Creative Suite 6 from Adobe (you had to call their call centre) but now this is gone.

From now on, it’s all Creative Cloud (which has been around for almost 4 years now).

When you were navigating to Adobe Creative Suite 6 web page you were greeted with this image:

Adobe Creative Suite gone

and text that would read:

“Yes, you can still buy CS6 products by calling an Adobe call center,” reads the statement, “buy why would you?” You might be able to name a reason or two…

So now all Adobe applications are only available as subscription-based Creative Cloud. This comes as no surprise as Adobe clearly stated a few years ago and Creative Cloud was the only way forward and that only CC apps would be getting updates and support.

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